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Unified Messaging is the new voice mail. Like call things technology based, the more it does, the more complex it gets within the implementation, and ultimately within the business operations.

With Unified Messaging you can enjoy the convenience of access to voice mails, faxes, emails and instant messages all from a single source or single user interface. Imagine being able to look in just one place to know if anything needs immediate attention.

The good news is that this simplifies the user interface, and improves productivity. The bad news is getting the RIGHT user interface, and even more complex, making sure that all the pieces work together. With complex telephony systems utilizing different VoIP techniques like SIP unified messaging, API’s and operating systems, the integration between the desktop, PBX, email system, fax machines and mobile devices gets complex fast. If you add issues like call recording, data security and regulation compliance, and multiple locations the entire scope and feature set of the system can be overwhelming!

It really comes down to a decision around business processes, single point of contact, centralized voicemail services between a desk phone and mobile phone and how your organization does business.

Having an Consultant that is experienced in telephony, network infrastructure, and good business practices is key to making a educated decision.

Praecom Consulting has in depth experience with multiple systems, PBX systems and a keen sense of business operations provides you with access to an independent opinion and objective view of needs, options and a long term plan on implementing a Unified Messaging strategy that goes beyond the concepts of voice mail, fax, and email.