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The advent of VoIP and packet based voice technology had directly impacted communications in areas not traditionally thought of as network or application based in nature. PBX and key systems, voice mail, and the integration of mobile telephone based applications into mission critical applications have changed the paradigm of traditional voice networks.

Praecom Consulting is known for its strong knowledge in areas of Unified Communications, including traditional PBX systems as well as the latest technologies utilizing VoIP technologies. Praecom Consulting background includes many years of experience in traditional PBX systems and the modern technology of Unified Communications.

Unified communications and collaboration has the potential to positively transform working practices within your organization and deliver numerous additional benefits. But as with any major project of this nature, the successful realization of that promise depends on the preparation and planning undertaken before any project starts.Phone Keypad

Although many organizations have the capability in-house to understand the technology, few can boast the hands-on experience in deploying or the best practice knowledge which can prove invaluable in avoiding the pitfalls of the different phases of the project. Praecom Consulting strong unified communications consulting practice is so strong that we even maintain a unified communications blog.

Our consulting services are designed to take the guess work out of defining, designing and deploying Unified Communications. As part of a suite of services available to support you at every stage of your Unified Communications journey, the consulting services provide the initial foundation upon which your Unified Communications strategy can be based.

Maximize the value of communications to your business and your return on investment. Unified Communications Consulting Services can deliver solutions that align with your overall technology and business strategy to help you work smarter, simplify your communication environment and lower the cost of operation.

We offer a vendor and network-agnostic approach so you have the best solution for your needs. We can:

Develop Unified Communications strategies for your business.

Design, integrate and deploy part or a complete Unified Communications solution.

Help you deploy the most appropriate strategies and technologies yourself to reduce integration risks.

Provide ongoing health checks to ensure maximum return on investment.

Following a decision to adopt UC within your organization, we are then able to support you with designing an appropriate solution, as well as advice on planning for the project phases based on our years of collective experience and industry best practices.