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From the contact center to research and development, or other back-office applications, the voice of the customer can be a powerful tool across company silos and is often required by organizations in regulated industries.

Multimedia_buttonsIn recent years, traditional cumbersome to use voice recording interfaces have been replaced by Web-based, user-friendly interfaces, which require limited storage footprint, utilizing high compression for the recordings kept in the storage.

There are a multitude of reasons to implement a call recording system – here are just a few:


PCI Compliance requires all companies recording phone conversations to handle credit card details with the utmost security. Brokers, Banks, Insurance Companies and other financial institutions are constantly regulated and monitored by private and government entities that enforce the proper handling of personal financial information. Since as Praecom Consulting has experience in maintaining PCI compliance for other companies, we can provide expert independent consulting in this field. Our experience with VoIP call recording systems will help make sure that even the most advanced technology can be accomodated.


Every business faces the possibility of lawsuits. Customer disputes usually begin with a miscommunication and end up in a lawsuit when there is no easy way to prove who is right. Corporations and their employees can be liable for these miscommunications, and even when they are able to defend against a lawsuit, the costs of doing so can be tremendous. While we are not Attorneys, we can work with you, and your counsel to insure an independent review of the technology required to implement the necessary solution for your business call recording needs.

Quality, training and personnel review

One of the most common and costly problems facing salespeople and customer service agents is mistyping customer or order data. The result is not just unnecessary costs, but also lost revenues and decreased customer loyalty. If a Call Recording System is put in place this information is automatically captured and saved for later review, no important details are lost or forgotten.

Supervisors and managers can randomly sample a number of phone calls made by their agents, providing an easy to use Quality Control test. Easily mark successful calls and ineffective calls and export them to be used in group meetings to help train and pin-point strengths and weaknesses.

Allow supervisors and managers to filter and search past as well as current call recordings. They can easily grade and bookmark their sales forces calls, adding notes, as well as easily extracting portions of a phone call.

Customer Satisfaction

With the ability to grade and monitor calls, both current and past recordings, supervisors and managers have more control over the quality of their employees and their interactions with customers. No need to hover over an employee’s desk to see how they are interacting with a customer, you can easily click a button and listen from anywhere in the office.

How well these types of solutions work are defined by your corporate culture, and how willing your managers and supervisors are to utilize the technology. This is driven by how easy and integrated the system is within your infrastructure AND your culture. As Independent Technology Consultants, we are unique in the ability to work across all levels of your IT infrastructure.