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As unified communications has become more network and server centric, so has the application of Call Centers. Computer Telephony Integration and Integrated Voice Response are now key and common applications within call centers. All major telephony applications have standards based application program interfaces allowing for the tight integration of key back office applications. This is not limited to only call center applications. Click to Call, screen pop, integration into CAD or CRM applications, and recording systems are commonplace solutions within today’s organizations. Praecom Consulting has a depth of knowledge and skill in the area of modern call center design.

Since we are an independent contact center consultants, we are dedicated to helping our clients dramatically improve the performance of their customer service and support operations. We offer a full line of services including call center consulting, contact center design, technology design, and other consulting services.

If you are considering or planning to convert or transition your contact center to IP, let us conduct a detailed functional, operational and financial analysis of the current environment in order to identify the potential positive and negative impacts to your operation.  We can assess all areas where savings may be realized and draft a project plan to help you achieve maximum benefits and ensure a seamless transition.

Praecom Consulting specializes in helping companies design an enterprise or departmental CRM strategy along with a project plan with defined phases and goals for achieving measurable results. We come on site, analyze the situation and provide you with actionable recommendations and a project plan to get your CRM initiative back on track.

Hiring an Independent Call Center Consultant is an essential step for any company upgrading, replacing or buying a contact center application. Praecom Consulting works with you to identify the optimal acquisition strategy for your company – be it vendor negotiations or RFP/RFQ.  We work with you on-site to establish and document functional and technical requirements. We then assist you in choosing the right solution and vendor. We manage the entire selection process, from RFI/RFP creation to developing the business case, from selecting the right vendors to advising on vendor negotiation. This process consistently exceeds client expectations, achieving highly successful technology/vendor partnering with competitive pricing.