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Existing E-911 centers utilize a broad range of technology, from land mobile radio, to VoIP dispatching and recording systems. Depending on the technology used, funding available and services with political subdivisions that are served, this technology can be leading edge, or 20 years old. To be able to have the appropriate knowledge base to effectively work in existing centers, engineers and technicians limit themselves to specific areas of expertise. Praecom Consulting has knowledge in all areas of technology involved in PSAP operations. APCO International  An effective PSAP can save lives and property by enhancing the ability of local jurisdictions to respond more quickly to life-threatening situations.  Examining and assessing the dispatch centers emergency preparedness and is an essential component to the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency dispatch operations response in your community. Our professional service offers expertise in many aspects of PSAP communication systems planning, procurement, and implementation. We carefully research our clients’ needs and resources and will assist all clients in delivering the best possible solution to address long-term requirements in a cost effective manner.

The Next Generation 911 vision is being developed in response to the E-911 needs of emerging technologies. It is vital that all participants in the 911 community, from telecommunications service providers to public safety answering points, understand the intent of Next Generation 911 and prepare themselves for the inevitable. As several organizations, including the FCC and the National Emergency Number Association, iron out the details, a clear picture has emerged of the overall intent and high-level design of Next Generation 911.