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TV Whitespace Design

Television_AntennaMany rural residents have become well aware of how fundamental Internet access is to daily life: commerce, work, and education, as well as the direct communication needs of both children and adults alike.  But the preservation of the natural environment is also paramount to maintain the rustic charm of these areas and even mandatory by law in some cases. TV White Space technology can meet these unique challenges—helping other rural communities benefit their own residents and businesses.

Areas which are currently under-served by cellular and broadband cable providers could utilize TV White Space spectrum as a means for long-range Internet services.  As the population density in these areas is low and the number of available frequencies is high, this is a natural use case for TV White Space.   The nature of the frequencies used in TV White Space services lend themselves to covering a large area where there may not be line of sight to the transmitter typically required for WiFi, or even LTE broadband systems. Sometimes this is called super wi-fi, or white space wifi.

The TV White Space design requires specific RF engineering skills and tools, just as a 2 way radio, TV_noiseSCADA systems or any other point to multi-point wireless network require. We have the tools to design TV Whitespace footprint predictions on multiple frequencies and antenna heights. Praecom Consulting also has the complex network design experience to ensure that the back haul microwave, fiber network, and the core IP routing network can support your user base.

Let us help you develop and build a rural broadband TV White Space network. Contact us today!