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Praecom Consulting microwave engineers can provide services necessary to design and implement licensed and unlicensed microwave systems, and broadband point to point or point to multi-point solutions. We have found that these solutions are viable for many customers including utilities and governmental entities as well as enterprise and healthcare organizations.

Praecom Consulting maintains our own microwave design software to ensure that path profiles based on frequency and terrain are viable. This allows Praecom Consulting to quickly determine the viability of a location or path as part of an overall microwave system design. This software can provide both a horizontal path profile, and an top down overlay map to ensure that the line of site verification and microwave propagation modelling is correct prior to implementation.

Our design application is not tied to any single vendors equipment. Path profiles not only include Fresnel Zone analysis, but total system gains and losses. Microwave antenna specifications and feed line requirements are all included. We also account for the appropriate environmental fade margins or link budget with an estimated path availability percentage. If a high reliability microwave system design is required, we can optimize the system with space diversity, hot standby equipment, or ring switching. This is ideal for doing an in depth microwave backhaul design.

Therefore our solutions recommendation can be easily added to any Request for Proposal (RFP) document.

We can even audit an existing path and perform site studies to help determine if reliability issues are a result of insufficient microwave system engineering, equipment selection or maintenance issues.  If you would like an on-site complete system audit, we can provide a complete deficiency report for you to present to a service organization.

Our microwave system consultants / microwave engineers can perform paper surveys quickly and easily, with turnaround typically in a few days.

Our services are not just limited to paper surveys. Our field work can include a full path review, alternate path opportunities, site studies and potential issues prior to implementing a digital microwave communications system.

To get started designing a microwave system, a point to point broadband wireless network, our microwave system consultants can be your microwave design experts.

Concerned about capacity planning for your interoperable radio system or an enterprise telecommunications system? We can combine a microwave backhaul design, using Ethernet microwave radios or traditional SDH/TDM microwave designs with our 2 Way Radio Adviser, SCADA Consulting, or Complex Network consulting as a total overall project, just Contact Us!