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Two Way Radio System Advisor

Praecom Consulting’s experience in Land Mobile Radio ( LMR ) system design encompasses dispatch centers, RF systems, antennas and all mobile equipment (such as mobile radio units, portable units and radio paging units). We understand system design, hands-on implementation, commissioning and maintenance of a variety of communications systems and their associated networks.  We not only has high-end RF design capabilities, our systems engineers are skilled and experienced personnel who have installed and maintained the broad array of wireless solutions, including microwave backhaul, telemetry, SCADA, land-mobile voice, and broadband wireless. It also includes P25, digital mobile radio, trunking, simulcast, and TV white space systems.Raptr-Google

We are unusual in the consulting business as we maintain software applications internally to do all of our own RF system design and coverage predictions.  We do not rely on vendors for system design for our customers. All of our coverage predictions are based on TIA TR-8 standards. We utilize the same software used by a major radio manufacturer to develop our coverage predictions. We also own a number of advanced pieces of test equipment specific to the test and design of 2 way radio systems.

We provide a wide range of two way radio services for government, public safety, industrial and commercial organizations to assist them in achieving their goals. Our services can be a turn key solution for a 2 way radio system. We can even design microwave, SCADA, unified communications, and complex network environments.coverage-terrain

Praecom Consulting can be utilized to assist troubleshoot existing radio based systems that need attention due to  performance issues that other service organizations can’t seem to fix.  Lightning, wind and power protection are areas of expertise and we employ the latest strategies to make 2 way radio systems reliable.

Practical proof of performance testing to demonstrate all aspects of a system’s performance is a service provided by Praecom Consulting.