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Putting together a team of resources is like piecing together a puzzle.  The resources need to fit together seamlessly. Vendor management and vendor supervision is a key part of every business. How you manage vendor resources directly impacts the bottom line — especially your ability to meet business objectives and exceed customer expectations.  One of the goals in vendor supervision is to gain the commitment of your vendors to assist and support the operations of your business.Vendor Supervision

To succeed, Praecom Consulting proactively establishes expectations to hold each and every vendor to them.  One of the most important success factors of a vendor management strategy is to share information and priorities with your vendors. The technology industry is known for terms that mean the same thing.  But sometimes, when the buzz words fly, the meanings get lost. Having someone with a broad knowledge across multiple technologies and industries is crucial! So, outsourcing vendor management can be a key factor in a strategic vendor management plan.

The entire concept of vendor supervision, or vendor performance management seeks long term relationships over short term gains and marginal cost savings. Regardless if it is a one time project, or a long term support and maintenance commitment. Constantly changing vendors in order to save a penny here or there will cost more money in the long run and will impact quality. Having an independent technology consultant as part of vendor management is important! Whether you are looking to issue a Request for Proposal, or for ongoing support doesn’t matter. Having someone  to contribute knowledge or resources that may help the vendor better serve you improves the overall outcome.

Other benefits of a long term relationship include trust, preferential treatment and access to insider or expert knowledge. This is where you can leverage the relationships that an independent telecommunications consultant has with a vendors Consultant Liaison program. Having a consultant involved as a vendor management specialist gives the vendor an added level of trust.

Vendor Supervision – Vendors are people too!

Remember, your vendor is in business to make money too. If you are constantly leaning on them to cut costs, either quality will suffer or they will go out of business. Since our consultants have been customers as well as vendors in the past, we can maintain a perspective on what is effective vendor management for both you and your vendors.

Any vendor management relationship dictates that negotiations are completed in good faith. A strong-arm negotiation tactic will only work for so long before one party walks away from the deal. This does not mean that you should blindly accept the prices they provide. Look for negotiation points that can help both sides accomplish their goals.

To have us help with a review of your vendor relationships, or to help you find the right vendor “fit” just use our Contact Us! page.