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Technical RFP Services

Technology and Telecommunications Request for Proposal Services

Information technology or telecommunications Request For Proposals (RFP) are highly complex documents requiring a thorough review and understanding. The request for proposal document must address all issues and include all required information. This encompasses knowing exactly what, and what not, to include in a proposal.  Our Technical RFP Service ensures that both you and your vendors know how in the end, all the needs are met.

Technical RFP Services

Each RFP is different and contains different requirements and levels of complexity. Each Proposal must therefore be custom prepared to address these issues accordingly. Key to this is having a prior needs analysis. Distinguishing between hard deliverable requirements, and the extra “nice to have” add ons have a direct impact on the number and quality of the request for proposal bid responses returned.

Telling the bidders about how the winning bidder will be selected is critical. Some government Request for Proposals are very specific on the selection criteria. Most commercial RFPs are less precise. Defining fair and object evaluation criteria and placing weight on key areas can be difficult. By outsourcing request for proposal activities you can ensure that the selection process and solution recommendations are clear and concise. This also affects the vendor supervision and vendor management of long term relationships.

When we help you produce technical Request for Proposal (RFP)s we establishing a timeline to ensure the response meets the deadline. We organize the material, edit the information, and pull together all the pieces into a well-designed document. Organization of the Request for Proposal also plays a very important role to make it easier for vendors to find the information in a sequential manner to facilitate their response.

As part of a Technical RFP Service, we can assist you in managing the process or even run the entire process for you. Our goal is to make sure your efforts lead to a definitive plan and path forward. We specialize in information technology request for proposals, unified communications request for proposals, and two way radio request for proposals.

Every project is priced on a per-bid basis. Please contact us for a quote on utilizing our technical request for proposal consulting.