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Technology System Audits

The purpose of a Technology Audit is to create an accurate listing of all technology-related equipment, software, and services owned or operated by an organization. Technology audits are typically completed annually as part of an organization’s year-end procedures or as a result of mergers, acquisitions or restructuring.

Data collected during a technology audit is used to create a snapshot of the current level of investment your company has placed in Information Technology. This snapshot can be used for financial statements, equipment evaluations, warranty considerations, depreciation tracking, or as a baseline for system upgrades. The IT audit aims to evaluate the following:

Will the organization’s computer systems be available for the business at all times when required? (known as availability)

Will the information in the systems be disclosed only to authorized users? (known as security and confidentiality)

Will the information provided by the system always be accurate, reliable, and timely? (measures the integrity)

In this way, the audit hopes to assess the risk to the company’s valuable asset (its information) and establish methods of minimizing those risks.

However, the normal scope of an information systems audit still does cover the entire life cycle of the technology under scrutiny. The objective may be validating the correctness of the systems calculations, confirming that systems are appropriately accounted for as assets, assessing the operational integrity of an automated process, verifying that confidential data is not exposed to unauthorized individuals, and/or multiple combinations of these and other systems-related matters of importance. The objective of an audit will determine its scope. Most scopes include one or more of the items below:

Is your company upholding its core IT policies and procedures?

Will your IT infrastructure be available for use when your business needs it?

Are your IT systems protecting your confidential information appropriately?

Will your IT systems always provide information in an accurate, reliable and timely manner?

Regardless of any audit findings, an audit will conclude with an assessment report. This is the formal opinion of the auditor with respect to the topic of the management concern driving the audit objective. There will be a statement with respect to the auditor’s professional opinion on whether the management concern is adequately addressed. Where there are findings, these will be listed. The report may also include recommendations for management activity that would reduce the impact of the findings. This can be as simple as a IT system audit checklist, to a full system audit report.

Our goal in performing technology audits is to ensure that you are maximizing your resources without overspending. We verify your hardware is up-to-date, your network is secure, and there is nothing holding you back. We’ll even assess if you are spending too much on your current IT partnership.

Contact us today for a full technology inventory service report, or something as simple as a computer network audit. We even have the tools to perform a wireless network audit, including 2 way radio auditsmicrowave radio systems audits, and telecommunications pbx audits.