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Project Management is one of the most important, yet often ignored, requirements of operating a successful business. Managing projects from start to finish, gathering project requirements, developing a stakeholder and communication structure, identifying resources critical to the project, resource skills and skill set requirements, creating a schedule and cost structure, will drive successful implementations of any project.

Within the world of project management, IT projects pose greater challenges than most as evidenced by their statistically high failure rate. The causes of the failures include the project management issues that confront all projects – inadequate time, budget, or resources to devote to a project – but information technology project management and IT projects also face unique technology challenges, from fluid or ill-defined requirements on development projects to hardware, operating system, network, or database instability, to information security risks and interoperability issues.

IT Project management is essential to any technology business endeavor. From simple installations to major overhauls, strong project skills ensure work is completed on time, within budget and to meet specific business needs. Without the appropriate approach to both short-term and long-term development, it is easy to lose scope or get off target.

Large-scale projects contain significant elements of risks, uncertainties, liabilities and vulnerabilities that may cause the project to deviate from your defined plan.  Every large-scale project carries these risk factors and a high probability that progress will deviate from management’s plan at some point in the project life-cycle.

If you are a small business, technology project management is just as critical as if you are a large enterprise.  Looking for specific telecommunications project management skills, or supplemental project management in information technology help can be a difficult task. Praecom Consulting can provide project management consulting appropriate for your needs.