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Long Term Technology Planning

3 to 5 Year Strategic Technology Planning

Companies and organizations in today’s business environment often try to grow their business by adding a variety of new technology tools and the newest office gadgets. In most cases these technology solutions end up gathering dust, especially if the technology does not align with the company’s strategies or the staff and employees are unable to utilize the capabilities. In both cases, the expense does not justify the technology. Today, most successful business use some form of business technology planning, yet aligning a technology plan to support long term growth of a business is usually lacking. Technology provides the link between successful business planning and technology integration.


We work with our customers’ respective business units and support organizations to develop short- and long-term technology plans. These plans provide for technology deployment and migration, budgeting, training, management, and support.

Needs Analysis is the first step in developing a comprehensive approach to addressing your technology strategy plan needs. The major objective of the Needs Analysis Study and System Audit is to first determine what  resources are available, then identify what the needs of your unique organization are (a technology assessment plan). By understanding the gap between resource and need, we help implement systems that strengthen your existing information technology architecture plan and at the same time make you more competitive in a technology-driven economy.

We recognize that technology services are not just about technology, but have a major impact on the Mission, culture, priorities, business operational practices, and working environment for the people of the organization. We help people to:

Understand the scope of opportunities for what technology can do for the Mission and operation of the organization;

Identify the range of options for providing technology solutions;

Forecast the true effort that will be required throughout the organization to implement and support future technology directions and integrations;

Evaluate and plan for the impact of technology choices on the Mission, strategic objectives, operations, and the people who work at, and are served by, the institution; and

Develop the technology implementation plans and institute the project management framework necessary to accomplish subsequent project goals within scope, costs, and agreed-to expected outcomes.

Technology planning can be focused on one or all of the following key areas:

Business technology planning:

      • Governance and planning
      • Technology organizational structure
      • Organization-wide operational and support roles
      • HELP desk functions
      • Technology skill assessment
      • Budgeting, training, procurement support functions

Infrastructure technology plans:

      • Hardware configuration
      • Complex networking configuration
      • Radio system configuration and inter-connectivity
      • Data center operational procedures and structure
      • Quality assurance / change management controls
      • Security controls

A final long term strategic plan includes:

      • application software review
      • identify critical failures
      • develop functional requirements
      • create high-level design solutions

Does your business plan technology, or does technology plan your business? Even small businesses can benefit from a basic technology assessment planning process. We can help you from designing a complete technology action plan, to developing a basic technology plan outline specific to your organizations needs.