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Microwave and SCADA Consulting

Discussions of point to point microwave (licensed) and broad band wireless (un-licensed) including 4.9Ghz technology.

Rural Broadband and REC’s

Electric Cooperatives are the best choice to provide Rural Broadband Here is an interesting post from Bloomberg with regards to rural broadband access. Politics aside, I’ve always wondered why Rural Electrics did not see this as an opportunity to service their customers. Even without Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) implementing this technology would not be […]

Phantoms & Ghosts Just In Time For Halloween

A few months ago, a client called with an unusual problem. They were in the process of adding a new radio system to their dispatch operation. Their radio tower was a few hundred feet from the 911 center and was connected via private telephone cable that we had engineered a number of years ago. The […]

Generator maintanance and run time

Recently, we were working with a Public Safety customer that had new diesel generators installed at several two way radio and microwave system sites.  We happened to meet the generator maintenance technician at one of the sites while doing other work. An interesting discussion ensued.  It turns out that the technician, in his instructions had […]

When to check your nuts.. | A Tower maintenace item

Towers are like bridges – they all need maintenance, but unless they break or are visible, they tend to get neglected.

Power Power Everywhere – but it’s still not right.

Public safety radio systems need to have proper power backup. But what is proper power backup? Not like this!