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Microsoft and the Exxon Valdez

Finally, here is the last of my three-part post and advice to the Microsoft CEO du jour. In my first and second posts, I went through the easy separations. Now it gets interesting. The third group and separate business?  Applications. I want to say that I consider this both desktop and server level applications. This […]

Microsoft Mitosis – to survive, Microsoft must divide.

Mitosis – one of the many forms of biological cellular division. In my first post I said I had 3, possibly 4 new separate companies that Microsoft must become to survive. Let’s take a look at what I came up with for the first two. First, spin off the desktop operating system into a separate […]

Microsoft – just another software company

Microsoft woes are such that to solve them they must do the unthinkable and break into multiple companies or continue to be just another software company.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Know what works in the cloud, and what doesn’t   In my previous posts on Cloud (first and second) I may have come off as not a big fan of cloud based applications. I’m actually neutral – I’m more about what the right solution is for each particular customer and situation. After all, I am […]

continuing on – Cloud Computing

Why do they want to sell you cloud? No surprise, it’s not always for your benefit. In my previous article I explored a little history and came up with my own definition of cloud computing. For those who have not read it, or can’t remember, my definition was as follows: Cloud Computing – “An application […]

Same Service, Different Day – Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for decades, just called something else. In this article, I give some direct examples.

Telecom Consultants – Consulting or selling?

What is so very interesting is who calls themselves a Technology Consulting company, or a Telecom Consulting Service, and who is really doing consulting.

Great paper on Ethernet over Fiber Optics

One of the best things of being in business is the access to free trade articles. I regularly get NASA Tech Briefs – what can I say, I’m a tech junkie. They have, from what I can discern, a few other sister publications.  One of these sister publications is Photonics Tech Briefs.  Most of the […]

Unified Communications is all the buzz

I follow several feeds on Twitter, including some of the posts from this year’s Voicecon conference.  Here is a quick article about all the UC buzz at Voicecon this year.  For those who don’t know what CEBP stands for: Communications Enabled Business Process. I think it’s interesting to see some of the solutions, including video […]