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Important recall alert! APC power strips

APC (American Power Conversion) issues product recall

It has come to our attention that there has been a recall on several models of power strips with embedded surge protection manufactured by APC. Since many of our customers utilize this type of item, we wanted to make sure that we alerted them appropriately.

I know this is just another little chunk out of your day, but please walk around and check under desks, in cubicles, and in your equipment racks and cabinets for the following styles of APC power strips.

They will look like this:


APC 8 Series SurgeProtect power StripAPC 7 Series power strips

According to the company – “The affected products may present a fire hazard under infrequent, abnormal building wiring and electrical conditions,” the company said. “This hazard has been reported in a small percentage (less than 0.01%) of the units sold and included reports of property damage, mostly involving damaged nylon carpeting.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that the affected models were manufactured prior to 2003. While this seems long ago in the technology world, these are the type of generic items that seem to last forever. There is really no “wear” items internally, and short (no pun intended) of being dropped or some other odd physical damage, the units could last a substantially long time.

If you do have one, check the APC Recall web site to ensure that your specific model is included and place a claim.

As always, we’re here to help!