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Telecom Consultants – Consulting or selling?

Telecommunications Consultant or a Service Broker/Agent?

Beware companies that are Telecom Consultants, but sell you a product or recurring services.

It’s no secret that to effectively market anything nowadays requires knowledge and effort in making sure you show up on the Internet properly.

This requires review of your competition and how they appear on web search engines. We are no exception, and regularly review who shows up in search results in our industry.

What is so very interesting is who calls themselves a Technology Consulting company, or a Telecom Consulting Service, and who is really doing consulting. If you do a search for a consultant, you get a lot of results. Unfortunately, most of them are not for true consulting agencies, but for systems integrators, resellers, bandwidth brokers or software companies – all promising to save you money by buying something other than consulting!

Usually, they are easy to spot. When you read the web site, you see a link called “Partners”, “Providers” or sometimes “Affiliates”. The other companies that seem to fall into this category is the staffing firms that provide “IT Consultants” – typically software developers, or contract based technical support personnel. The more difficult ones to identify are the organizations that offer savings, RFP development or other services, but then offer to sell or broker the service based on the savings that you receive.

The secret they don’t tell you is that they also get revenue from brokering the service. This means that their objectivity is suspect – is that the best solution or service for you or for them?

True telecom expense management Consultants can work on a savings based structure, but they don’t broker the service.

However, an independent telecommunications consultant provides nothing but knowledge. A better description would be Business Technology Consultant – someone who is paid to not only think about cost savings, but the long term goals of the clients business. They should be vendor neutral, and should be recommending solutions across vendors, and multiple technologies. While they may provide other services like project management, or implementation support, their primary service should always be to guide your business technology goals.

Praecom Consulting has written two white papers that address issues around hiring a consultant. “Why Hire a Consultant” gives 10 reasons why a business should consider hiring an independent consultant, and “The Truth about IT Certifications” which reviews the background of IT vendor certifications and why they are not always the best guide for hiring technology consultants.

Both of these papers are available on our White Papers page.