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Great paper on Ethernet over Fiber Optics

One of the best things of being in business is the access to free trade articles. I regularly get NASA Tech Briefs – what can I say, I’m a tech junkie. They have, from what I can discern, a few other sister publications.  One of these sister publications is Photonics Tech Briefs.  Most of the time, this has articles specific to hardware design; lasers, OTDR‘s and other serious technology and fiber optic discussions.

However, this months feature article is on Ethernet over Fiber Optics.  Titled “Demystifying Optical Ethernet Networks” this really gives an excellent basic understanding of how Ethernet works in carrier networks for the uninitiated.

These networks are becoming more and more predominant – particularly for larger customers, or customers in areas that have a better technology infrastructure. Ethernet is becoming a more common access method for everybody.  What I really like about this paper is how it’s broken up in to the PHY layer (or physical) versus native Ethernet and long haul carrier Ethernet over SDH networks.

This is also just a technology paper, not published by any specific vendor. I recommend that everybody go out an take a few minutes to read about Ethernet and how it all works together over a wide area to provide services, and what happens in the middle.