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Independent Technology Consultants

Providing customers with a clear view of their technology needs.


Trying to navigate today’s world of telecommunications technology can be a nightmare. You need communications on several levels. How do you get your Land Mobile Radio system, with multiple sites to other organizations as a communications system?

What is the difference between Unified Communications, VoIP and IP Telephony? How would implementing a call center or contact center do for my customer satisfaction levels? Can I find a solution to handle email, fax and social networks just like agents take calls?

And how does the distribution of this information out through an informative web site provide customers the value your organization?

To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced electronic world, it’s crucial to plan technology to not only keep pace with – but to enhance – your growth. Without overspending or under buying.

Independent technology consultants

We sell no equipment, software or bandwidth. We provide our customers with technology consulting services based on needs and performance to match your budget. We do this in several ways, including consulting, Request for proposal services, vendor negotiations and project management. We are a Professional Services organization, not a reseller, manufacturer, or integrator.

In addition to our enterprise customers, we have extensive experience as Public Safety Consultants for local and regional governmental and SCADA consultants to utility organizations.

We have extensive experience in Land Mobile Radio, microwave, Voice/PBX, Call Center, network infrastructure, and telecommunications cost review. We can design a step-by-step, cost-effective plan for you to achieve long term communications goals for your organization.

Rent-A-CIOWe even provide Small and Medium Business Technology Consulting in specific geographic areas. We call this our Rent-A-CIO program, where we can provide ongoing information technology consulting as part of your overall business. This relieves you of the headaches of dealing with the short term immediate problems while providing an experienced consultant to help develop your technology strategy.

To maintain our objectivity, we accept no referral payments, bonuses, affiliate compensation or other reimbursements from vendors!

We are a proud member of The Society of Communications Technology Consultants, and hold ourselves to a high level of business ethics.